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exhibit features

Every deck of the M/V Mississippi IV has been brought back to life through the use of original pieces, staged items, and soundscapes.  The exhibits include a boat simulator, interactive kiosks, and information about the vessel’s working life and the Mississippi River Commission. There are activities for all ages, and much to see and explore!

Pilot House Boat Simulator

The M/V Mississippi IV boat simulator is located in the Pilot House of the vessel. Try your hand at navigating the Mississippi IV through a lock, docking it at Vicksburg for a Mississippi River Commission Hearing, and navigating the vessel through Vicksburg Harbor or around Delta Point.

Interactive Kiosk

There are four interactive kiosks aboard the M/V Mississippi IV. The kiosks include a Trivia Game, Audio, a virtual tour of the vessel, and a digital Guest Book.  An additional kiosk is located inside the Museum which allows visitors who are unable to access the M/V Mississippi IV to explore the vessel’s exhibits virtually. Visit one of these kiosks during your tour to log your visit!

Themed Tours

There are five themed tours of the M/V Mississippi IV available for individuals and groups. These tours are self-guided and highlight the architecture of the M/V Mississippi IV, the working life of the vessel and communications used aboard the vessel. The tours also include a scavenger hunt and trivia hunt. Themed Tour Cards are available where you pick up the Brochure.

Activities For All Ages

The M/V Mississippi IV is filled with activities for kids of all ages! Activities are related to both the working life and the MRC duties of the M/V Mississippi IV:

    •   Try your navigation skills at the helm of the Pilot House Boat Simulator
    •    Take the Pilot’s Test and draw the Mississippi River
    •    Learn about navigation markers and draw your own
    •    Try your Morse Code skills in the Radio Room
    •    Take the Trivia Game challenge on one of the kiosks
    •    Prepare and deliver a speech at a public hearing
    •    Set your own menu for the Commissioners and guests
    •    See what’s under the placemats in the Dining Room

Staged Areas

Every deck of the M/V Mississippi IV has been brought back to life through the use of original pieces, staged items, and soundscapes. Come explore the food prepared in the Galley while listening to the sounds of pots clanging and food frying. Take a walk through the Engine Room where the sound of machinery and roaring engines echoes through the belly of the vessel. Visit the state rooms of Mississippi River Commission members and crew of the Mississippi IV, while learning more about the life of this vessel through information panels placed on every deck.

Private Tours Also Available

While most of the M/V Mississippi IV is available for self-guided tours, private tours led by Museum Staff are also available. Private tours are available to individuals and small groups who would like to learn more about the history of the M/V Mississippi IV, and explore sections of the vessel strictly off limits.  Please ask the Museum Staff for additional information.


Exhibits aboard the M/V Mississippi IV were developed and installed by Southeastern Archaeological Research, Inc. (SEARCH) Public Interpretation.