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View the photo galleries for three main area features: Lower Mississippi River Museum, Mississippi River Flood Model, and the M/V Mississippi IV.  Check out the Making the Museum gallery to see the progression and transformation.

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  • Making the Museum

    Making the Museum

    See how the Bricks and Mortar and Mississippi River Flood Model came to be from concept through construction. Follow the M/V Mississippi IV from her move, renovation, and exhibit staging.

  • Museum Exhibits

    Museum Exhibits

    Explore life on the Mississippi River! Find out how different communities, farming families, and the US Army Corps of Engineers have all utilized the river. Choose your own adventure on the river with the Mississippi Trail Interactive. Hear what the 1927 flood was like for a family that lived through it. See some of the river's fish up close in our 1,515 gallon aquarium. The Lower Mississippi River Museum provides a unique and interactive way to learn about the history, people, and events that have been a part of the Mighty Mississippi.

  • Mississippi River Flood Model

    Mississippi River Flood Model

    The Mississippi River Flood Model is simple scaled design capable of operating a range of discharges. It illustrates how the Mississippi River, levees, and control structures interact while simulating an "In Bank" and "Flood" Flow with minimal flood damage.

  • M/V Mississippi IV

    M/V Mississippi IV

    Between 1961 and 1993 M/V Mississippi IV spent much of her time on the Mississippi River as a towboat for the US Army Corps of Engineers, Memphis District.  See the Mississippi IV at work along the river towing barges, maneuvering through locks, and work life aboard the vessel.