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Making the Museum

See how the Bricks and Mortar and Mississippi River Flood Model came to be from concept through construction. Follow the M/V Mississippi IV from her move, renovation, and exhibit staging.

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  • Bricks and Mortar

    Bricks and Mortar

    From concept through construction see how the museum building took shape. The installation of exhibits, the new parking lot, and sidewalks are also featured in this photo gallery.

  • Mississippi River Flood Model

    Mississippi River Flood Model

    See the work progression of the Mississippi River Flood Model, and how this area was transformed into this fun and interactive feature. Work often took place in the early morning hours in order to meet deadlines!

  • M/V Mississippi IV

    M/V Mississippi IV

    See how M/V Mississippi IV transitioned from a working vessel into the Museum. View photos of the vessel being brought ashore and drydocked, cleaned and renovated, and exhibits being staged.